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Redi-Mix Concrete Admixtures
We are pleased to offer Saskatoon a wide range of supplies that are suitable for a variety of concrete projects. Redi-Mix is one of our trusted partners in providing you with top quality, ready-mixed concrete and admixtures!

Concrete Admixtures

Prairie Concrete Products offers a range of concrete admixtures that can be tailored to your specific needs or requirements. Admixtures are additional materials that go into the cement, water, and aggregate combination. Each admixture provides extra features that add to the quality of the finished concrete application. Fibers ~ Set Controls ~ Water Reducers – Low, Medium & High Range Air Entrainments ~ Silica Fume

Delay Sets

Delay Sets are designed for stabilizing residual concrete wash water or extending the setting time of concrete while the concrete finisher applies the desired quality finish.


Accelerators allow for greater strength development in the early stages of setting. These admixtures also reduce the time that is typically required for curing and protection, meaning the project will be finished much sooner.


Retarders are used to slow the setting of the concrete application. This admixture also counteracts the accelerating effect that hot weather can have on concrete that is still in the process of setting. Overall, retarders help keep concrete workable as it is being poured.

Water Reducers

This admixture reduces the amount of required water in any given concrete mixture. Concrete that utilizes water reducers needs far less water in order to reach an appropriate slump, as well as offer more stability in the long run.


The use of fibres in concrete mixtures will work to prevent cracks and other structural issues. Steel, glass, synthetic, and natural fibres are all options that can be mixed with concrete for added strength.


Adding air to concrete mixtures will ultimately provide greater durability once the application hardens, especially in colder climates where most concrete tends to freeze and thaw often.

Paving and Asphalt

Prairie Concrete Products of Saskatoon offers paving and asphalt products for both residential and commercial applications. We provide supplies with a proven track record of efficiency and value for each and every project! Learn more about these products below. To inquire about any of our services, feel free to contact us today.

Maxi Kreme

Maxi Kreme offers a mixture of heat resistant, biodegradable oils to be used as an asphalt release agent. This brand can be used in its concentrated form in order to thoroughly clean asphalt equipment and other tools.

Tar Buster

This is a full strength tar and asphalt remover that is best used for cleaning up oil, grease, sludge, and pavement sealer. Tar Buster is a safe product that dissolves and ultimately removes the toughest of stains!
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